Please read the guidelines below before contacting Maisonneuve.


Maisonneuve considers non-fiction writing of all kinds (reporting, essays, memoir, humour, etc.) and visual art (illustration, photography, comics, etc.). To get a sense of the sort of work we publish, please read some back issues. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions received and our very small editorial staff, we no longer accept unsolicited submissions of fiction or poetry.


All writing submissions may be submitted electronically Maisonneuve's Submittable account, or by mail to: 

Maisonneuve Magazine
1051 Boulevard Decarie
PO Box 53527
Saint Laurent, QC
H4L 5J9

If you do not hear from an editor within three months, your submission has not been accepted for publication in Maisonneuve. Thank you for your consideration.

For electronic submissions, PDF or Word files are preferred. Include all relevant information (bio, contact info) on the first page of your document.

Visual submissions may be sent to URLs or PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PSD files are preferred. Please ensure that your submission is smaller than 2MB (if larger, query us in advance). CDs, paper, vhs, slides and photographic submissions may be mailed or couriered to the above address. Wherever possible, do not send originals (Maisonneuve is not responsible for lost, misdirected or damaged artwork).